Welcome to D’ La Santa

Experience Traditional Mexican Dining

D’ La Santa’s approach to Mexican cuisine is a very different concept than any other Mexican restaurant you’ll find in Seattle.

All our dishes represent a traditional taste of Mexico from Chihuahua to Guadalajara, with recipes originating from as far back as 1821 and exhibiting the delicious and unique seasonings of Grandmother Maria Taide Sahagun.

Sample our signature Carne en Su Jugo (one of the most popular local dishes in Jalisco), a USDA Prime beef stew roasted in its own juice, pot beans and pieces of grilled bacon in salsa verde topped with a grilled onion and pot beans. Or the iconic Mexican dish, Chile en Nogada. Poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef, chicken and pork seasoned with green apple, plantain, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, bacon and ham covered in a special creamy wine sauce and garnished with pomegranate seeds and parsley.

All meals are served on our gorgeous 100% handmade clay dishes.

Our family invites you to come dine with us and experience the most traditional and delicious Mexican food you’ve ever tasted.